How the 2014 @NBA Champions have been drafted (@spurs)

The San Antonio Spurs won their 5th NBA title in a 15 years span. That’s huge.

Now, everybody is thinking about the next NBA Draft.

Let’s see how the 2014 champions have been drafted (those players that you find in the last boxscore): four of five members of the starting five (Parker, Ginobili, Duncan, Splitter) have been selected by the team.

Ok, the Brazilian center lost his starting spot during the Finals as Gregg Popovich promoted the versatile Boris Diaw to adapt his team to the Miami Heat. It may be a coincidence, but the San Antonio Spurs have DIRECTLY picked their leaders.

Tim Duncan, the 1st overall pick in 1997, is the only “Lottery Pick” player in the whole roster.

Drafted by the team (average: 28.6 – 9.8 seasons with the Spurs)

Tim Duncan #1 (1997) – 17 seasons
Tony Parker #28 (2001) – 13 seasons
Tiago Splitter #28 (2007, joined the team in 2010) – 4 seasons
Cory Joseph #29 (2011) – 3 seasons
Manu Ginobili #57 (1999, joined the team in 2002) – 12 seasons

Drafted via other teams

Kawhi Leonard #15 (via Pacers)

Drafted by other teams (average: #36 – 3.3 seasons with the Spurs)

Boris Diaw #21 (by the Atlanta Hawks, 2003) – 3 seasons
Danny Green #46 (by the Cleveland Cavaliers, 2009) – 4 seasons
Matt Bonner #45 (by the Chicago Bulls, 2003) – 8 seasons
Jeff Ayres #31 (by the Sacramento Kings, 2009) – 1 season
Patty Mills #55 (by the Portland Trail Blazers, 2009) – 3 seasons
Marco Belinelli #18 (by the Golden State Warriors, 2007) – 1 season


Aaron Baynes – 2 seasons

Six of them have played Euroleague Basketball: Ginobili won it, Belinelli and Splitter made it to the championship game. Boris Diaw played it in two seasons with French Pau-Orthez, Danny Green with Slovenian Olimpija Ljubljana (scoring 8/32 on three-pointers in 7 games). Aron Baynes played there too, in the 2012-13 campaign, posting solid numbers (13.8 points, 9.8 rebounds per game), and he also played with Lithuanian Lietuvos Rytas Vilnius in 2009-10.


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