Pandemic vs. Entertainment: Now and Then

The global spread of the SARSCoV2 infection has forced all of our activities to adjust, which also means to just stop and close indefinitely. As for sports and entertainment industry, all of the activities are made behind close doors since last year and it affected all the organizations and people involved, including fans of course. Lots of questions have been made, lots of topics have been discusses, lots more have to be. There is a time, now, when the pandemic is leading the way sports/shows/concerts/events (you choose the order) have to be “played” and how (as fans, viewers, workers) we have to be involved.

The modern technology, streaming services, social media and other tools are making it easier on an individual standpoint but it looks like we are all considering this a transition: at some point pandemic will be the past, but we don’t know when and we don’t know how.

Fans, more specifically, will be the key to reshape the sports and entertainment in the near future and the process will consider what we’ve done during the infamous lockdown era to still live our passion. What will we keep from that experience?

Virtuality has become the only reality to fans/customers, for now. We all miss packed venues, we all miss that energy, we all miss that way of life and we all want to have it back.

However, will we really be back to life as it was? How long will the transition period in between be? Will we have to adapt to some sort of “new normal”? I have a few questions, and no, I don’t have the ultimate answers. Do you?

As a sports and entertainment professional: I want to discuss with you if what we do now is still right/will still be right and if our profession will still be required in the near future.

As a sports and entertainment fan: I want to question my options, my views and my wishes on how I enjoy now and how I would in the future.

Please find a few questions below. Feel free to answer, comment, send more.


How can we be fans?
Are Social Media the only way to do it?

How can we be there?
Are “Virtual Arenas” be enjoyable in the sense of togetherness?

How can we support financially?
How much and how long are we paying subscriptions to get some merchandise and services without attending any game/event/show?

How can we encourage?
Do the “likes”, “emoticons” and comments are the right way?

How can we share?
Without high fives, hugs, any other form of physical enthusiasm, how are we sharing our passion?


How will we be fans?
On-Site Events will be back: which of these are you waiting for besides live games/events/shows?

How will we be there?
Are we going to get sellout crowds again with actual capacities?
Will the venues (stadiums, arenas, theaters) be transformed to welcome less people, trading bigger attendance with more security and comfort?

How will we support financially?
Will ticketing be as important as it was in terms of rates?
Will tickets be cheaper?
Will tickets be implemented with online services from now on?
Will “virtual” tickets help to have a larger attendance thanks to technology and tools?

How will we encourage?
Will we be ready/allowed to get ourselves into large crowds again to just cheer our favorite star?

How will we share?
How long it will take before physicality will be back for good into fans reactions?



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